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Deb has given my mind freedom!

"I saw Deb for one major problem which had snowballed into many many other problems over the years. I instantly felt comfortable with her and felt an overwhelming surge of emotion and honesty in our sessions. I experienced a noticeable change and lift in the heaviness of my life. From my first session to my last I am a totally different person and almost cannot believe the person I was when I first went to see her. I cannot recommend Deb highly enough, she a master of her profession and such a beautiful and caring person! If you have anything at all in your life you would like to improve you definitely need to see her!"

~ G.W.

Deb is a gifted & empowering medical hypnotherapist!

"I am a proud breast cancer survivor. Having undergone intensive chemo and radiation therapy, this illness turned my world upside down. I was unsure if hypnosis would help but felt it was worth trying. Deb helped me gain valuable insights into my illness, reduce and improve side effects, stress and much more. I will be forever grateful for Deb being on my healing team through this journey!

~ D.S.

I encourage anyone contemplating hypnotherapy to see Deb.

"You will find yourself improved in more ways than expected. Deb custom tailors her approach so you get the most out of each session. She is a professional and skilled guide. Hypnotherapy under Deb offers those who embrace it an adaptable tool for the art of living."

~ A.J.

I can’t recommend her highly enough!

"I went to see her about some deeply rooted, self limiting beliefs. Even just after the first session, the changes I felt were profound. She’s warm, a great listener and made me feel comfortable from the get go. If you’re thinking about going to see her, go! You won’t regret it."

~ J.M.

Deb was amazing!

"She responded to my email quickly and my hypnosis journey started. I wanted to achieve overall wellbeing and stop indulging in the things I had been overdoing and wow, did it work for me. My experience gave me positive tools and has really increased my happiness. The sessions are private and comfortable. If you are thinking about hypnosis for a way to change or stop bad habits, Deb is absolutely fantastic. I highly recommend her, it worked for me!"

~ B.L.

I looked forward to each session.

"I had to make significant lifestyle changes after a health scare and was referred to her through my doctor’s office. Instead of struggling with change, I now consistently practice my doctor’s recommendations and I'm seeing significant improvements faster than expected. I also like that it’s a goal-oriented process. Deb made the whole process easy. She is now my go-to person for any changes I may struggle with in the future."

~ N.H.


I'm so thrilled with the results!

"I went to see Deb to help with my screen time dependency. I realized it wasn't a healthy thing. Now I feel in control and have made significant progress quickly, I'm so glad I decided to do this! Deb was professional and so easy to talk with. It was convenient doing the virtual sessions too. I highly recommend working with Deb!"

~ R.N.

Absolutely worth it!

"My teenage son was stressed, anxious and not coping well. In just 3 sessions he is now happy going to school, sleeping better and handling his anger and anxiety so much better. I am so impressed! I plan on coming in myself in the near future, thank you for everything!"

~ M.B.

I can’t thank you enough!

"I whole heartedly recommend Deb to anyone who is looking to make meaningful changes in their lives. She has helped me tremendously with my emotional and physical well being."

~ N.A.


I highly recommend her!

"After having just a few sessions with Deb I've had massive improvements in my confidence and self esteem!"    

~ K.J.


She genuinely cares about her client’s success.

"If you’re looking for a hypnotherapist to help you quit smoking I highly recommend Deb. My experience was excellent from start to finish. Quitting smoking wasn’t easy after a 20 year off and on habit but Deb gave me the tools and techniques to do it! I had my last cigarette before I went in and it was so much easier than previous attempts. Most importantly I am still a non-smoker 90 days later! Thank you Deb for helping to finally break a 20-year habit!"

~ T.C.

It's a miracle!

"I smoked heavily for 45 years and tried to quit so many times. I wish I found her years ago! Many, many thanks you have changed my life for the better! My health and finances are improving daily!"

~ D.L.


She’s very easy going, calm and patient.

"I was a heavy vaper and since my first session with Deb I have no desire to vape. I could not recommend her enough. Seeing Deb was one of the best things I have ever done for my health."

~ F. J.


From the beginning, I noticed an improvement.

"I was suffering with anxiety, medication helped to some degree but I couldn’t face long term medication. I tried other modalities but nothing really worked until a friend suggested I contact Deb. Her calm soothing manner and professional techniques have worked magic for me and I can’ t speak highly enough of her. Thank you Deb!"

~ S.F.

The results are astonishing!

"Deb has helped my get my sleep back on track after my first baby. Through her effective techniques, I was able to maximize my sleep each night. I find myself sleeping in such a deep state and waking up so refreshed. The overall experience has tremendously changed my life and I cannot thank her enough for what she has done for me!  I highly recommend Deb not just for sleep but for anything you may be struggling with!"

~ K.S.

Thank you Deb!

"I am so thrilled that I made the decision to work with Deb! I needed to lose over 25 lbs and she gave me the tools and support to achieve my goal! I highly recommend Deb! Her office is professional and she does amazing work!"

~ J.T.

All I can say is just WOW...

"What a pleasurable experience! I am home relaxing and just taking in the experience you offered in regards to preparing for my upcoming surgery. You are truly gifted and I have no doubt whether it’s surgery or healing going forward, your peaceful guidance will take me back to a healthy state of body and mind. I look forward to sharing my positive experience."

 ~ M.M.

I sing your praises to everyone I know!

"I'm thankful for that my Physician referred me to you for my IBS. I was at my wits end and was desperate. My life was getting limited to only being able to work from home and didn't feel comfortable going out socially or even walking outside unless I had all the bathrooms mapped out. Who knew that hypnotherapy would be the treatment that brought back my life and health. I am truly grateful!"

~ C.W.

Such a blessing as my hypnobirthing guide!

"Having my first child I was thrilled but nervous hearing all the horror stories from my well-meaning friends and family. I am now a proud Mama to a gorgeous baby boy and had a magical and comfortable birth experience! Now I can tell my future pregnant friends about how amazing it will be for them but they have to call Deb!"

~ B.L. 

Can't thank you enough, Deb!

"I have been working with Deb for several months now and have nothing but great praise and gratitude for her knowledge and expertise in hypnotherapy! I have been struggling with anxiety and have tried many different treatment approaches with little success until I was introduced to Deb. Her professionalism is top-notch and her compassion, empathy, and incredible desire to help others is far superior to anyone else with whom I have worked to get my anxiety under control. Additionally, she has the most calming and melodic voice which is so key to a successful therapy session. Highly recommend Deb for anyone who needs assistance with living their best life ever!"

~ D.P.

I love being free of that nasty habit

"I went to Debbie 4 months ago to quit smoking, and she was amazing! I felt so comfortable with her. Since our session, I have had no desire to smoke a cigarette (after being a smoker for over 40 years). After being hypnotized to quit smoking, I feel like I was never a smoker! People can smoke around me and I don’t even notice it. Thank you Deb!"

~ C.P.

WOW life changing!

"I suffered from insomnia and restless leg syndrome for most of my life and thought it was something I was destined to live with. I had seen countless doctors and taken meds that left me feeling groggy & never really worked. I was recommended to Deb and never thought of hypnosis for my issue. I can’t explain the impact this has made in improving my life now that I’m sleeping well! My wife thanks you as well! I've already referred friends to her, she’s the real deal!"

~ M.S.


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