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Are you ready to make a
SHIFT in your life?

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There’s NO reason to live with unhappiness, anxiety, phobias, pain, extra weight or low self-esteem. Why would you want to keep any old habits that damage your health, happiness and prevent you from living your best possible life? Maybe you’ve attempted to create change but were unsuccessful and simply gave up. Hypnosis is most likely something you never considered. I’m SO GLAD you’re here and I look forward to connecting! There is one condition however …. You REALLY need to WANT to change. I only work with people who have an open mindset and are willing to make a commitment to create real transformation in their lives.

Making that first phone call to me will be the catalyst for everything to follow, the start of a brand new chapter in your life!

Which conditions can hypnotherapy help with?

No matter what brings you to Hypnolife, your individual goals will be handled with confidentiality and care. Please find below a list of areas many people use hypnosis for. The areas to heal in hypnotherapy are essentially unlimited, if your area is not included lets talk and see if I can help you with your goals!

•  Anxieties, generalized, panic, driving, social and others

•  Anger Management

•  Depression

•  Fears and Phobias; fear of flying, bridges, birds, dentist, and many others

•  Weight Loss or gain

•  Quit Smoking, Vaping, Chewing

•  Addictions to alcohol, cannabis, gambling, pornography, phone, opioids & other drugs

•  Insomnia-

If you have suffered with insomnia, it's time to get back to a restful nights sleep!

•  Children/Teens: anxiety thumb sucking, bed wetting, stress, explosive child, bullying, ADHD, school issues, low self esteem, tics & more 


•  Nail biting

•  Fertility Issues

Have you struggled with unexplained infertility? If so hypnosis can help!

•  Dating

For anyone struggling to

find love hypnosis

can be a break through therapy!

•  Grief of your loved ones including pets. Losing a loved one can be one of the most difficult things in life to go through. Hypnotherapy can bring relief and help you move forward. 

•  Medical support; IBS, overactive bladder, asthma, pain management, tourettes, ticks, allergies, fibromyalgia, migraines, menopause, tinnitus, cancer & more

•  Surgery preparation

•  Childbirth preparation

•  Motivation

•  Procrastination

•  Public Speaking

•  Improve athletic performance

•  Improve Work/Career

•  Improve study skills and test taking

•  Earn more money and achieve success

•  Overcoming Trauma

•  Stuttering

•  Stage fright

•  Self Confidence/self esteem

•  Life changes, divorce or major moves

•  Break bad habits

                •  Releasing the past

•  Negative thinking

•  Overcoming heart break

•  Reaching goals, financial improvement

•  Stress Management


•  Memory

Creative blocks & more

•  Life purpose

Direction in life

Improve finances

Work/business struggles

What's been

holding you back?

"Within your subconscious you will find the solution to every problem."



Regression Therapies

Regression is a powerful tool of hypnotherapy to explore and heal . When the emotions, beliefs and behavior are limiting because they are not adapted or in synch to the goals of the person, it’s time to change their subconscious programming. Regression gives you access to the memories stored in your subconscious mind and guides you to the ones which are significant for the difficulty you want to get rid of. With Deb’s guidance you access the sensitizing event which happened in your current life and you remove the emotional load tied to it. The process includes changing the limited beliefs into more positive ones, giving yourself positive resources to use in your everyday life.

Natal, Interlife & Past Life Regression

You may be aware that your time in the womb or your birth may have been traumatizing or the regression in your childhood drives you to the time of your birth. In that case, the hypnotherapist will conduct with you a natal regression to explore this specific time.

Other times, a cause for a specific difficulty in your current life cannot be found using regression in your childhood and birth. It will be a reason for the hypnotherapist to do a past life regression with you. You may also wish to do a past life regression as a means to grow spiritually. What if you don’t believe in reincarnation? Our subconscious mind speaks the language of symbols. So regardless if you believe in it or not, any practices that open a way for authentic communication with the unconscious are potentially healing, and bring positive change and understanding in your life. As gems of self-knowledge are revealed, dramatic epiphanies result, enabling people to understand adversity, find emotional healing, realize their true purpose and forever enrich their lives with new meaning.


Understanding and Dealing with Fears and Phobias, Physical and Emotional Healing

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Past-life therapy is an extremely valuable form of healing. It allows you to deal with the underlying causes of a problems rather than try to deal with the symptoms. In regard to symptom remittance, past life therapy is effective in treating phobias, compulsions, headaches, physical problems, and select emotional problems. Help and healing have come in a variety of areas such as: spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, and even financial. Hypnotherapists have found that such inner work goes far beyond the working with the symptoms of the presenting problems, it goes to the root cause. Though physical problems are a good segue into this work, it is not unusual to find that a physical problem may be connected to emotional issues. This is commonly seen in women who have problems with pregnancy, birth, chronic miscarriages, and infertility. These conditions have both psychological and physical components. The memories of our past lives are imprinted in the DNA of every one of the more than ten trillion cells that make up our bodies. When we utilize past-life healing techniques we can heal what may have existed for many previous lifetimes.

Guilt can also play a major role in many people’s lives. Suppressed fear, anger, and grief all create feelings of guilt. Past-life therapy can help these people let go of guilt that was created in previous incarnations.

For Life Purpose

Past life regression can provide valuable clues as to why a person acts and behaves in certain ways in this present lifetime. A past-life regression can often provide information as to what the person’s purpose in this life is. It can explain the reasons behind difficulties and problems he or she has in this life and clue one into what karma needs to be repaid. When people know why they act and react in certain ways they gain much more control over their lives.

Spiritual Clarity

Do you wonder if there is a God or higher power or want to feel more connected? Have you ever seen or experienced unexplainable events? Do you have questions about the nature of the Universe? Would you like to know if you have Guides or Angels? Regressions can provide more clarity in these areas.

Relationships In Your Present Life

What are your soul contracts with loved ones, friends and co-workers? Are certain relationships positive or negative for you? What is the best way to deal with a challenging relationship or situation you are having? Will you find your soul mate or true love?


Many people are curious about their past lives – Who they were, where they were and what they did. Another area that can be explored is finding out past talents, abilities and gifts. These positive resources can be identified and enriching to your life.

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